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I’ve spent the past 15 years of my career protecting millions of dollars of my clients money.
Along the way, I’ve come to this conclusion: Regular Americans are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to understanding the best way to retire safely.
Wall Street experts and TV “talking heads” spout the virtues of investing our money in stocks and expect historical rates of return to prevail.

But what happens when the market becomes unpredictable, volatile, and downright dangerous? That’s why proper retirement planning requires a better strategy. You can no longer leave your money in the market and hope for the best. No one knows what will happen next in the current market environment. Rather than guessing, you need a reliable way to protect and grow your nest
egg regardless of market conditions. Most people at or near retirement face very specific problems.

They must be able to:

 Avoid having life savings get wiped out by wild market swings.
 Generate a consistent income stream to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.
 Keep growing their income without the fear of outliving savings.
 Make sure their investments earn enough income to offset inflation.
 Have their money work and grow for them.

Our President and CEO

I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, my dad was a city cop. My brother and I were raised by our stay at home mom and we attended a Catholic Prep school to play division one hockey.

I then went on to serve in the U.S Marine Corp and have been a father and husband for the last 18 years.

After losing a large portion of my family’s wealth in 2008, I set out to discover strategies for my clients that would provide Safety, income, and predictable growth.

Today my passion for this line of work is even stronger because I am able to help protect millions of dollars of my clients assets and have been able to earn the trust of countless clients from all income levels.

I’ve hosted the “Safe Money Radio Show” for the last 4 years in Las Vegas where I infuse my financial practice with a strong East Coast Family style character. I prides himself on being able to advise clients with ethics and Integrity.

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    America One Retirement is a local stock market alternative financial advising company. Our focus is on our client’s interests first. When we meet, you can rest assured that your retirement is in the best possible care. We will design a personal income plan to fit your needs. America One Retirement offers a comprehensive approach when developing your financial strategy in addition to reserve funding strategies, private placement offers and a full spectrum of insurance-based products; all to ensure a relaxing and financially secure retirement.
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